Accepting Cryptocurrency Can Boost Your Bottom Line — Part II

How RemiBit can help you bring Bitcoin (and other altcoins) to your eCommerce store.

Cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be complicated currency.

When you decide to optimise your eCommerce store, inviting a broader, global variety of customers to your business, you want the process to be as smooth as possible.

You want to be in control of where your cryptocurrency goes, whether you decide to convert it to your local fiat currency or invest.

You want to know how to manage your cryptocurrency finances with clear metrics and data available to you — easy to understand so you can have an accurate picture of how well you’re doing.

Introducing cryptocurrency as a payment option, having full access to your funds, and being able to discern your crypto data should be easy — and with RemiBit, it is.

Effortless Integration

Ease is important — and with step-by-step instructions, as well as support from a friendly, knowledgeable team, you can have RemiBit up and running in a matter of minutes. A jargon-free zone, RemiBit is committed to ensuring easy implementation — meaning that you get to enjoy the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency sooner than you thought.

At the time of writing, RemiBit is available for integration with eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Ewcid, and has built-in support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are supported through state-of-the-art blockchain technology for your convenience.

Always in Control

As a non-custodial service, RemiBit never has access to your cryptocurrency. That’s right — every transaction performed via RemiBit is peer-to-peer, made directly between you and your customer. This service is designed with you in mind, to make cryptocurrency prompt and practical for you to incorporate into your business.

As cryptocurrency continues to increase in popularity, RemiBit wants to provide a service which highlights and improves its use as a real-world, reliable means of payment. That means making sure your cryptocurrency, your money, always stays in your hands.

Easy Management

All the information you need is best when it’s all in one place — collated in an efficient, simple-to-understand way. RemiBit’s merchant dashboard is specifically designed to make managing your cryptocurrency transactions clear and easy.

From the dashboard, you are able to examine your month- and year-to-date cryptocurrency transactions and look at individual transactions and other metrics. With the dashboard available on mobile devices as well as desktop, you can manage your cryptocurrency no matter where you are — RemiBit operates with your convenience in mind.

Versatile. Powerful. Convenient. Universal. RemiBit provides a solution to the challenge of accepting cryptocurrency for eCommerce merchants and users alike. Choosing RemiBit as your payment gateway is a choice which makes a difference.

A difference for you, your business, your customers — and your bottom line.