Profit Share Program

get up to 25% of the referred merchant’s fee*

Individuals or businesses can apply to RemiBit’s PSP (Profit Share Program). When you introduce new stores to RemiBit platform, you will get up to 25% of the new store’s fee for one year!

Number of stores
in your portfolio
Share you earn
Apprentice1 ≤ n < 515%
Expert5 ≤ n < 1020%
Master10 ≤ n < 5022.5%
Guru50 ≤ n25%

When a PS partner upgrades, the percent he or she takes will upgrade automatically in the total of his or her referred portfolio, meaning that for example if PS partner Laura’s portfolio contains 9 stores she will take 20% from those 9 stores’ fee, and if she brings one more, i.e. 10 stores, she will upgrade and take 22.5% from the 10 stores.

Stores stay in the PS partner’s portfolio for one year, generating the aforementioned income. After one-year stores become inactive and while still show there for historical purposes and for other possible future rewards, they won’t count toward PS partnership rewards.

If you are interested in becoming a Profit Share Partner, please check for available eCommerce solutions at and complete our online form.