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Introducing RemiBit
Web Wallet

Beautifully integrated with the RemiBit Merchant Tools and Dashboard, it complements the RemiBit suite of tools and it's free to use forever!


web wallet

Your keys, your crypto™

Web wallets are the perfect merge between software wallets and exchanges, because of the nicely-established balance of security and convenience. RemiBit Wallet follows the non-custodial philosophy of RemiBit, meaning that it runs on your device, not on our servers. You are completely in control of your money.

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web wallet

Designed with you in mind

Accessible from both mobile and desktop browsers, it makes it more convenient when compared to desktop only wallets. All asset pages are designed for easy access to your extended public keys required to operate the merchants' dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, reach out to our friendly and helpful support team.

How does RemiBit Wallet work?

It generates a wallet based on the unique combination of your username, password and pin. This combination is the key to access your wallet and the funds it contains.

Why do I need RemiBit Wallet?

RemiBit Wallet is an essential part of the RemiBit ecosystem, making RemiBit’s rich feature set even easier to use. As a merchant, you don’t have to look elsewhere for a wallet and you don’t have to install a plethora of different, resource-consuming wallets since you will have all the wallets you need for RemiBit use in one very handy web application.

Does RemiBit have any access to my funds?

Nay, not at all. RemiBit Wallet runs in your device (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile) and generates your wallet deterministically based on your login data (username, password and pin).

But I have to register, that means that you keep my data!

No, we don’t keep “your data”. The RemiBit Wallet’s engine, running on your browser, hashes your data and sends this hash to us. It is intrinsically impossible to obtain your data from this hash, because the hashing method only goes “one way”.

Is it safe to share my RemiBit Wallet login details?

No, or as safe as sharing any other sensitive data like your online bank account, email login or other personal data. If you would never share your bank account login with anyone, keep applying the same security policy on your RemiBit Wallet account.

But you said RemiBit Wallet runs on my device…

It runs on your device or on anyone’s device. You can access your RemiBit Wallet from your home computer, from your business computer, from your son’s tablet and from almost any device which has a modern web browser and decent specs.

What happens if I lose my username, password and pin? How can I recover my funds?

You can’t lose your username, password and pin combo, nor any of the three. If you lose any of them, even just one, you have lost your wallet and your funds with it. Irremediably. Forever. There’s no way to recover it and we can’t do anything about that. Remember: RemiBit Wallet runs on your browser, not on our servers. Absolutely DON’T LOSE YOUR USERNAME, PASSWORD AND PIN!

I have a few more questions...

All questions regarding RemiBit Wallet’s features and operation are welcome. Feel free to address them at support [at] remibit [dot] com including RemiBit Wallet in the subject and we will give you a prompt response.

How Do I Create My RemiBit Web Wallet?

Signing up to the wallet is easy as 1-2-3

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Go to and click 'Sign Up' to be taken to the sign-up page.


Note down your login details

Make sure you take note of your username, password and pin and double-check them before continuing, as there is no way to recover your wallet if you lose any of them.

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Start using your new RemiBit Wallet

Your wallet is ready for use! If you are a merchant, don't forget to sign up for RemiBit's Merchant Dashboard to accept crypto payments from today!

Interested in a useful free wallet? You're in the right place!