Ready to begin your journey to accepting Bitcoin and other cryptos in your store?

Our service is designed to be easy for a Bitcoin novice and sophisticated enough for a crypto expert. Whatever your level of expertise is, our service will surpass your expectations.

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Trusted by the Millions

It is roughly estimated that in 2021 there are over 100 million Bitcoin users globally.


Powerful & Intuitive Cryptocurrency
Acceptance Solution

We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your store or business today.

Setup Guides

Our step-by-step guides are there to help you get started. We all need a helping hand from time to time.

Merchant Dashboard

View your MTD & YTD transactions, set up your wallet and choose which cryptocurrencies you would like to accept.


Export to PDF or view via the web application. Our built-in reporting tool will keep your accountant happy.

Integrated Exchange

You control your liquidation strategy. Exchange your Bitcoin hourly, daily, weekly - manually or automatically.

Accessible from anywhere

Our tools are accessible from anywhere in the world, so wherever your business is located RemiBit can assist.


We are adhering to all the cybersecurity rules and in process to become ISO 27000 compliant.

Dedicated support team

In case if you get stuck or simply have a question, our helpdesk team is here to assist.

Built-in web wallet

Beautifully synced with your merchant dashboard. You are in control of your money.


Our interface is convenient, intuitive and built for day to day use.

Turn on or off anytime

You can choose to suspend or resume accepting cryptocurrencies at any time. Your settings will remain in place until you decide to change them.

No lengthy contracts

We believe our service speaks for itself, therefore, we do not ask you to sign a lengthy contract. You can cancel your subscription any time.


Your keys, your crypto™ which means we do not have access to your funds at all, you are in complete control.

Want to know how RemiBit's features compare to the competition?

What does 'non-custodial' mean?

There is a lot of talk about Banks vs Bitcoin and becoming 'your own bank'. Let's explore what does 'non-custodial' mean to you and how it differs from the banking industry principles. Your keys, your crypto™!

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RemiBit Web Wallet

Beautifully integrated with the RemiBit Merchant tools and dashboard, it complements the RemiBit suite of tools and it's free to use forever!

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Introducing Our First Integrated Exchange Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Kraken - the globally recognised cryptocurrency exchange is our first, fully integrated crypto to fiat exchange partner.

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Supported Cryptos and Tokens

We currently support many of the most respected and reliable cryptocurrencies.












The Ever Growing & Wonderful Crypto Community

Millions of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, evangelists, traders & business owners support crypto and use it on the daily. Become a part of this growing community and get your business listed and visible to everyone.


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